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New Staff

Congratulations to Mrs. Wiederkehr on the upcoming arrival of her baby! She will be greatly missed by staff, students, and parents.
In Mrs. Wiederkehr’s absence, please welcome Mrs. Tuckwood and Mrs. Biel who will be taking over Mrs. Wiederkehr’s teaching assignment as of November 20, 2017 through the remainder of this school year.
Mrs. Tuckwood will be teaching the morning portion of Mrs. Widerkehr’s assignment. We are very familiar with Mrs. Tuckwood as she has done an extensive amount of subbing in our building. We are excited to have her officially on our staff for the remainder of this year!
Mrs. Biel will be teaching the afternoon portion of Mrs. Widerkehr’s assignment. Mrs. Biel is also a familiar face around here having taught here previously before having children. Mrs. Biel will be teaching in the afternoons with most of her teaching assignment around physical education.


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