Pastor Jordie Maxwell

I am a grateful man feeling very privileged for the experiences I have had and the life I have now.  It is certainly my mission to enjoy this second half of my life in service and commitment to my community and to this world.  I will do that with the collaboration of my family and friends, my faith community, and with my colleagues and students.  This is my story…

            I grew up in Saskatchewan, the youngest of two boys into a family committed to athletics, community service, and academics.  My father played semi-professional hockey and was offered a contract to referee in the NHL.  My mother spent many years suffering from cancer and gave her time to people, young and old, to just about the day she died.  My brother excelled in school (and sports) and was offered a hockey scholarship to Yale University where he eventually graduated and became Special Assistant to the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark, Minister for External Affairs and Member of the Privy Council.

            As I look back on my life and my influences I note many many cherished experiences and people who have come along side.  I think of the years my dad was a Fish and Wildlife Officer and how we would take in motherless bear cubs and deer and raise them until they could be relocated.  I think about how I was introduced to teaching as a young competitive swimmer and how being a lifeguard/water safety instructor instilled in me my first love of teaching.  I remember the feeling of watching a scared stiff five year old do his first front float unassisted then stand up and look over at his parents with elated eyes.  I will never forget that.  I went on to do many things including being a participant in the Torch Relay for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics.  I was also awarded a medal by the Governor General for a life-saving rescue on a mountain river that I was a part of.

            This love of adventure and teaching (and love of learning) led me to be a teenager and college-aged person who would register for course after course just because I loved to learn and be a part of the classroom experience – whether it be indoors or outdoors.  There seemed to be magic there as one would learn, change, and go on to influence society for good.  As my resume refers I took advanced swimming classes including SCUBA diving, skydiving, mountain biking and many other areas of interest.

            I think my first love at that time was hockey officiating.  I played hockey as a youngster then became an official at 13 years of age.  I excelled in this and was scouted by the NHL when I was 20 years old.  I also became a Canadian Hockey Association Referee Clinic Instructor.

            Underscoring my entire life was my faith.  I felt I was nothing without a solid foundation of belief and meaning.  This reality has carried into the present day.  I became a Youth Pastor and did that for 20 years and loved it!  A few years ago I started to feel I was being drawn away from the ministry.  After much discovery I realized (or maybe remembered) my love of teaching.  It was then our family took a huge leap of faith and I went back to University to finish a Bachelor of Education degree that I started years before.  This next season of my life at SCA is exciting and I look forward to what God has for me and my family.  I am all in.

Mrs. Leah Tuckwood