Welcome to the SCA Missions Program!

In 2016 SCA sent over 100 students on mission trips

Our Missions Program consists of students that want to make a difference in their world. We are involved in numerous projects in our community in addition to international mission trips that occur each year. Our class is partnered with organizations in three countries of the world.

Last year our grade ten class travelled to Belize where they built a massive greenhouse.  They replaced a greenhouse that was destroyed by a hurricane.  The new greenhouse will be used to grow vegetables hydroponically and provide an income for the Pastors we partner with in Belize.  They will also be able to hire members of their congregation.


Our second partnership is with Jamaica. Since 2009, we have taken annual trips to Jamaica. We work with Pastor Dwight and Generations Church. Our ministry will include construction projects and ministry to children in schools and wherever else the Lord leads.

Our third partnership is in Belize. Our first trip was in 2004 and since then we have partnered with local pastors and missionaries to reach the youth of Belize. Our ministry involves conducting assemblies in schools, colleges, prisons and churches. In 2007 we partnered with Extreme Dream Productions to bring YC to Belize.

From 2001 to 2008, we conducted annual trips to Resita, Romania. We partnered with Pastor Daniel to bring about the transformation of a run down apartment complex into a thriving Christian school. In addition, our team was instrumental in the formation of Timothy House (a centre for ministry in Resita).

What Happens in the Missions Program?

The Strathcona Christian Academy Missions Program is designed to teach students how to become leaders in their world. We understand that Christ taught his disciples to be “servant-leaders” and that is our objective. The program is multi-faceted and includes:

  • formal teaching on ministry principles
  • student committees that coordinate all aspects of the class
  • extensive fundraising projects
  • public speaking (we are an official Toastmasters International Club)
  • student and teacher mentoring
  • mission trips to provide a practical application for servant leadership

How did it all Begin?

Our Leadership program was founded by Mrs Connie Mycroft and Mr Leo Pauls in 1998. It began with one class of 20 students and has grown to three classes of about sixty students. Over 1000 SCA students and staff have travelled on our teams over the years.